We live in troubling nevertheless interesting times. Living passionately makes life interesting. Maybe a passionate romance is going on in your life or just something simple as the exhilarating feeling of wearing a new pair of awesome jeans. Living passionately can be  looking like Princess Caroline wearing a ‘haute couture’ dress with sneakers or like Anna Wintour wearing a new suit every season!  How about treating a friend to a nice cup of aroma-filled tea or coffee served in an exquisitely decorated porcelain teacup…hmm, can you sense that tasty delight?

Living passionately is frequently looking for a new hobby, fun things to do or simply having a loquacious dinner guest. Living passionately is treating yourself and everyone with love and respect; it is breathing in and out life energy! It is quite inspiring learning new things and how to do ’em differently! Life offers us so many options! Charmers Lane invokes a lot of senses and, like a river, ends up in the banks of living so passionately. No matter what, treat yourself to living passionately!





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